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Febal Casa, the historic Italian Design brand, founded in 1959, has accompanied different generations of consumers with its production and style, from the swinging Sixties, with its American Kitchen, the symbol of rationalism and economic stability, up until present day, with its wide range of iconic products dedicated to everyday life, created with innovative materials and unique furnishing solutions. Designed to be coordinated with all the other rooms in the home.


Febal Casa Identity

Febal Casa is much more than just a mere manufacturer of furniture, collectibles and furnishing accessories. It is the start of a unique journey that will accompany you in the choice of your future home. An emotion that we want to share with you, a sentiment that we want to express in all its nuances, helping you build a welcoming, timeless home with the fluid elegance of a highly customisable furnishing system made from top-quality materials, which bring out the best in the Design.

Our Services

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A worry-free choice to opt for where Lusso takes care of your entire interiors. Choose from a wide range of domestic and European modular kitchens, wardrobes and other storages along with various products and services like false ceiling, wall cladding, flooring and loose furniture.

Living Rooms

The living room is the heart of a house where most of the happening things occur. That is why selecting the right kind of living room furniture, colour and finishes is of utmost importance. We make your living area spacious and airy with super functional living room design and furniture.


The bedroom line features furnishings that blend Italian tradition with modern touches, creating an elegant and sophisticated living. Thanks to the abundance of options, there are solutions for daily life that offer a fresh perspective on comfort and relaxation. These solutions combine an aesthetic appeal derived from subtle formality with the pursuit of novel tactile and visual concepts. This is made possible by a large selection of finishes and comprehensive modular solutions that allow for a great deal of customization flexibility.


Be it the walls, striking wallpaper or dining furniture & lighting fixtures, there are many ways to make a dining area beautifully planned and aesthetically appealing. The dining room is an integral part of most Indian households. It is the area where we enjoy meals with friends and family. We make your dining space cosy, and the home feels warm and welcoming.

Kids Rooms

Furnishing kid rooms and bedrooms in homes devoted to the kids, offers versatile options for a lively, cozy, and fashionable interior. Because of the custom solutions, the modular furniture fits into every kind of room. A few ideas for organizing the available space are loft beds, linear or corner beds, bunk beds, multipurpose sliding beds, linear or corner overhead compositions, and retractable space-saving solutions.

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